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We are looking out for potential producers!!You can became BGE’s preferred producer by filling out the below mentioned form.

BGE innovative team produces a creative project.

We will be in need of at least 10 to 12 producers to invest along with BGE, to produce creative project with minimum budget investment of Rs.25 Lakhs per Producer.

BGE minimum Budget production cost- Rs.4 crores/Project (Cinema,TV Series, Web series)

Upon release of the project in the market, the profit will be shared in the below manner :

  • Service charge(10%) for BGE
  • Initial investment invested by the producers will be retained for next project
  • Remaining profit will be shared among the team of Producers.

For Example:


1. Project cost- Rs.4 crore.
2. Minimum investment cost per Producer- Rs.25,00,000/.
3. No. of Producers investing for the project- 16.


1. Total investment by Producers team(16 Nos)- Rs.4 crore.


1. After release, Profit of the project – 20 crore.
2. Service charge for BGE(10%)- 2 crore.


1. Retaining initial investment made by Producer team- Rs.4 crore( 25 lakhs/producer).


1. Profit to be shared among producer team(16 Nos) – 14 crore.


1. Profit Share per Producer- Rs.87 Lakhs.

If there any loss occurs,BGE will strive to retain minimum amount of Rs.25 lakh( initial investment).The same will be regained in next project release. Its purely based on the market.BGE has no control over this, Subject to market risk. BGE is not responsible for any losses. The Producer can face losses too and they can lose the entire deposit with BGE if there is failure in the project. BGE is nowhere related to this. Only if you agree, please else ignore..

In case of any legal proceedings, every aspect shall be governed in accordance with the laws of India and all disputes and differences arising between the parties in relation to the matter shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Court Sattur, Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu, India-62603.

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